About us?

We are only students of the sixth semester of high school, we have some different aspirations but this company has united us as something more than companions, we are friends. Little Tortas has brought too much stress to our lives, but also a great learning cluster; We were able to live firsthand what it was like to start a business from scratch, keep track of it and now, make your own website.

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Ireland and I were always here in the design of this page, choosing colors, images and all the elements that will bring life to our business; The page has become very popular and striking thanks to the effort that we put into the development of it.

For his part, Isaac is the one who has had to carry out all the great ideas of his teammates, searching the internet for the way to do things and then implement them, if the other team members were responsible for the design, Isaac was the one who consolidated the structuring the site, making a firm foundation to perfect it.